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Sinn Leffers Koblenz

Schwitzke & Partner, D├╝sseldorf
Ein individuelles Konzept der HAKA im 1 .OG. Entwicklung von Vorlagetischen, Kassenbereiche, R├╝ckwandgestaltung und Lounge.
3D: Sketchup | Render: 3ds max & vray | Post: Photoshop

back board presentation

a concept for various tenants aarrangements

the loop

Visual shows the haka department. Floor materials a seperated for a clear defined Loop. In addition a suspending ceiling mounted above. 

carriers system and item furnitures

Brands item layoutes on uniform department furnitures.

back board concept

wooden board with indirect backlight & a flexible carriers system for various arrangements. In the middle of the alcove a mounted slide with a shiftable cover slip.


                                                    3d model made with Sketchup, 
                                                    rendered with 3dsmax & vray,                  
                                                    Postwork with Photoshop & Light Factor