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                      INTERIOR STUDY

                                                                             nonlinear  interior concept 

1st. Placement & material composition

With intent to arrange rough & clean, modern & aged, some experiments on the main materials to figure the right mood out.

2nd. Placement & material composition

Variance to the first arrangement. To take the contrast concept into consideration, this two layouts decided me to give more colour accent on single objekts only.

modelling Tom Dixon´s "Mirror Ball Lamp"

One ofthe most instantly recognisable lamps has the opposite effect of what was originally
intended in the design. Made to be incontrast
to the surroundings of this project.
Lamp was modelled on reference photos.

modelling details

detailed objects to liven up the scene.
Placing all in a little disorder
and non-llinearity.


rendered with 3dsmax  &  vray